The best way to fight cancer is to diagnose it early. The process of identifying the right treatment plan for a patient starts with screening, which is available for breast cancer through Mammography, cervical cancer – PAP Smear and prostate cancer – PSA. The process of diagnosing other cancers involves using various scans like PET CT, CT, MRI and X-ray, followed by evaluation through blood tests, biopsy and liquid biopsy.

Accurate diagnosis can be achieved by using digital mammography/MRI instead of conventional mammograms or ultrasounds. This helps in identifying suspicious lesions more accurately than their historical counterparts. Image guided biopsies help to reduce false and negative rates. Our Department provides Comprehensive cancer care in the form of cancer screening services for all types of cancer, Counselling and active  management of all cancer in the form of specialised cancer surgery, Chemotherpy and newer therapies as well as the option of clinical trials.

Diagnosis Services

Digital Mammogram